• The Forest

    One of our favorite projects to create in the art studio are trees. This project consists of various materials and layers on paper. Allow…

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  • Pumpkin Swirls

    How can you not love pumpkins! My students absolutely LOVE pumpkin projects. This one is a perfect mixed media project- lots of materials. Supplies…

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  • Chalk Leaves

    A favorite project in the Art Studio to create is a glue-resist chalk drawing. Black construction paper is the key when used with chalk.…

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  • Owls

    Inspiration Supplies Needed: • Brown Construction Paper – 9 x 9 square • Various strips of warm color paper, cut into 6 inch length…

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  • Scarecrow with Crows

    Using previously painted paper my 3rd grade artists created these adorable scarecrows. Students added all the fun features using scraps of brown paper for…

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  • The Scarecrow

    Step One: Draw out the different parts of the scarecrow. Free download handout in the shop. Step 2: Color in the scarecrow with crayons.…

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  • The Pumpkin Farm

    Inspirational Background Cool air, crunchy leaves and bright orange pumpkins is the highlight of October for my students. Field trips to the nearby farms…

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