Sunflowers and Crows

In my Kindergarten classes we love examining the beautiful change of the seasons, especially Autumn. We are so blessed to have the four seasons in Ohio and to experience the cycles of life. In Art class, we discuss the beautiful colors that you see in the Fall and the foliage and flowers in bloom.  One fabulous flower is the sunflower along with crows in the sunflower fields.

The children delighted in created their personal flowers. 

What you will need:

• Construction Paper for making Painted Paper:

• Tempera Paint- Various Shades Yellow, Orange, Red, and Green

• Round Brushes

• Glue, Scissors, Pencils

• Crow Template and Black Construction Paper

Directions for Sunflowers

First create painted paper. To create the painted paper use various shades of fall colors on construction paper.  You could also use previously painted paper. Hint: If short on time create paper ahead of class time. Want to see how we create painted papers? Check out the blog post HERE

While our painted papers were drying, I read the book The Sun Seed by author Jan Schubert.

This is a lovely book for children to view before creating their personal artwork.

Examine the shapes of various sunflower petals, then have children create their own petal shape, they will need to trace more petals from the original one, then glue the petals to a darker circle center. 

When students are done creating their special sunflower, stems are painted on a background then the flower tops are glued to the top of each stem.

Directions for Crow

Download Crow template for children. Create more templates if needed. Next have children trace around template on black paper and then cut crow shape out. Add eyes and beaks to complete the crow and glue onto mural to complete the sunflower field with crows. Display for all to enjoy.

I hope your Autumn season is wonderful!

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