Woodland Animals: Moose

My students created these adorable little creatures from the winter woods. Not sure about you, but many of my students love to paint but have a hard time first drawing their ideas. I have noticed when I do directed drawings they really get excited and their confidence skyrockets. Yep, I know what you are thinking. They are all going to look the same. Well, actually they don’t. The students really add their own personalities to their drawings.

After the drawing is complete, the paints and brushes come out. Mixing of the tempera paints and brushstrokes bring the paintings to life. The delight in creating the animal and applying the paint is heard through the oohs and aahs of the children.

Struggle with drawing or painting animals? Love to incorporate habitats and animal characteristics? This directed drawing/painting moose project is perfect for you. Why not have your students create a fun moose while learning helpful information about them? This packet includes step by step colorful photos and background information about moose. A directed drawing handout is included so your younger students will feel successful when starting this project. There is also a second project included where the students can create evergreen trees to display around their moose.

This lesson is great for ages 7-10 but any age student will love creating these adorable creatures.

Interested in the full lesson of the project?  Check out the preview for the lesson.

The pdf includes:
Step by step full-color photo tutorials for the lesson
Background information
Supplies needed for project
Reproducible directed drawing handout
Reproducible coloring sheet for early finishers
Student gallery
Helpful tips
I Can statements
National Standards
Reproducible Artist Statement
How To Make Painted Paper

Have fun creating!

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