Swiss Chalets

Alpine or Swiss Chalets are wood-framed houses and are perfect for rural areas with uneven terrain, making them ideal for homes for mountainous regions.

A chalet-style house is a European-inspired home, known for sloping roofs, simple construction and design.

The style is characterized by:

  • gabled roofs with wide eaves
  • exposed construction beams, including large brackets
  • decorative carving and mouldings
  • balconies
  • large windows
  • clapboard

What you will Need:

Construction Paper in Gray, Tan, Brown

Painted Paper in shades of Tan and Brown




Black Sharpie

Brown Kraft Paper for Background Display

White/ Black Tempera Paint


Colored Pencils for Stones and Small Details

Optional: Trees and Snowflakes – Green and White Construction Paper

Have Fun Creating!


  • Hoa Pop

    May 5, 2023 at 1:48 am

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I Just discovered your site today! Looking to purchase lots of art materials for my 3rd grade classroom!

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