Animal Tracks

Animal Tracks! We investigated various animal tracks that one might see in the snow. Many of my students have seen deer, raccoon, and of course their favorite, rabbit prints. We used the excitement from a recent snow day to create these fun animal tracks in gray scale landscapes.

Supplies Needed

Black construction paper

Royce Gray Scale Paper



Tempera Paint: White, Black, small paintbrush and small tray for paint

Roylco Animal Track Stampers


Cut various shades of gray paper to represent layers on the ground and glue down.

Paint 3-5 Trees with white tempera paint. Add some snowflakes dots.

Choose your animal track stamp

Tap your stamps into black paint.

Stamp across the bottom of your paper and let dry.


You can purchase the shades of gray paper, animal tracks stampers and field guide from ROYLCO. Make sure to use this coupon code PAINTEDPAPER for 10% off your purchases.

Have fun creating!!!

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