Artist Study: Natalia Goncharova – Cherry Blossoms

We have been exploring various artists and the beauty of nature. My 3rd graders created these GORGEOUS still life paintings inspired by the artist, Natalia Goncharova.

Natalia Goncharova was a painter, illustrator, and set and costume designer born in 1881 into a well to do family in Nagaevo, Russia. Her father was an architect and a descendent of Aleksandr Pushkin, the famous poet, novelist and legendary Russian icon. When Natalia was a young girl she lived on her grandmother’s large country estate, where she developed a lifelong love of village life and nature.

We also looked at this valuable book with beautiful illustrations for inspiration on various trees.

Supplies Needed:

This project has so many art elements to it: Color Theory, Highlights and Shadows, Tints and Shades, Texture, Line, and Shape just to list a few.

This art project is great for ages 7-11 but any age student can create beautiful art using these directions. This lesson is designed so that every child will be a successful artist.

This 15 page-PDF digital download features an easy to follow art lesson, complete with full color photos. Also, you will find a beautiful gallery containing examples of students’ artwork, reproducible coloring pages, full color 8.5″ x 11″ painting handout, I Can Statements and Vocabulary Cards.

The Digital PDF includes:

• Step by Step full-color photo tutorial for each lesson
• Artist Background info on Natalia Goncharov
• Supplies needed for each project
• Vocabulary Cards
• Student Gallery

• Full color 8.5″ x 11″ painting handout
• Reproducible Coloring Pages

• I Can Statements


Keep on Creating some Joy!

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