Valentine’s Day Owls

To celebrate Valentine’s Day my 3rd grade students created these fun, colorful owls.

Supplies needed:

Sulphite drawing paper

Oil Pastels or Crayons

Watercolors, Brush and Water 

Painted Paper or Wood Printed Paper

Glue, Scissors and Pencil

Here are simple details:

Draw the Owl

Using a pencil, draw the body, making sure to fill the paper. Use the handout for inspiration, just download and print. Add details such as eyes, beak, wings, feathers and claws. 

Use a sharpie and retrace over the owl.





Download the Free Handout 

Add Color

Use two analogous colors, colors next to each other on the color wheel and neatly color in the owl with oil pastels or crayons.

Add the Background

Paint the background with watercolors. I like a monochromatic look so we chose one color to color in the owl. If you color in the the owl solid the crayons will resist the watercolor.



Add the Branches and Leaves

Add painted paper or paper with wood prints like these available from Roylco.


Cut the shape of a branch. I suggest a sideways “V”.  Glue down.

Add heart shaped leaves with colored construction paper or painted paper, then with crayons or oil pastels add the veins to the leaves.



Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Creating!



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