Supplies Needed:

• Brown Construction Paper – 9 x 9 square

• Various strips of warm color paper, cut into 6 inch length

• Small piece of white paper for eyes, Black of paper for pupils

• Painted paper in warm colors, to create beak and claws

• Pencil, Glue, Scissors,

• Oil Pastels

• Various colors of tempera paint. ( yellow, orange, red, brown, and cream )

• Paint brushes and placemat to protect table.

Optional: Black Sharpie to outline shapes

Class One:

First, create the shape of an owl. A large U-shape body works great.

Next, create different types of lines out of paper using scissors. Zig-Zag, Wavy, Straight etc., and glue them down upon the owl’s stomach area.

Class Two:

Create large eyes and placed them on the head of the Owl. Add a beak and claws created from painted paper.

1. Analyze photos of various owls and the textures found on the Owl especially feathers.

2. Using oil pastels, draw short marks resembling the feathers on the wings. 

3. Use warm color paints: orange, yellow, red and brown then apply the paint with the dry brush technique.  

Hint: keep a little dab of the paint on the tip of the brush, this will help create the feather look.  (Dry Brush)

Some students really loved mixing colors on their owl’s wings. 

Keep on Creating!

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