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  • Pine Branches

    Inspiration Pine trees are different from other trees because the pine branches have needles instead of leaves. Supplies Needed One 9″ x 12″ piece…

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  • Dandelions

    Using a small flat paintbrush and tempera paint to create fun explosions of color representing dandelion heads. Adding painted rocks and scribbles of green…

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  • Little Clouds

    I love using bold bright colors of paint splashed with big brushstrokes on watercolor paper. Incorporating different art mediums is common in my art…

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  • Mini Waterlilies

    Draw along with and create a Pond with waterlilies inspired by the illustrations of Beatrix Potter who is the author of classic book, The…

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  • Daffodils

    Supplies Needed: Heavy weight paper or watercolor paper Modeling clay Paint palette Tempera paint in yellow, orange, red, green and white Flat paintbrush Step…

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  • Animal Tracks

    Animal Tracks! We investigated various animal tracks that one might see in the snow. Many of my students have seen deer, raccoon, and of…

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