James Rizzi ~ Pop Art Buildings


James Rizzi is a American Pop Artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. His neighborhood of tall buildings, busy streets, taxi cabs etc, can be seen in many of his colorful paintings.  The fun, happy buildings with bright, bold colors and sharp black outlines are a favorite with my students. 




With a pencil, draw at least 5-9 buildings. Make sure to overlap a couple of the buildings for eye catching projects.


Add fun faces to at least 7 buildings look at the handout packet for inspiration and ideas!



Add fun details such as clouds, sun, moon, windows, doors, etc. then neatly outline with a black Sharpie.



Paint the buildings with bright colors of tempera paint. Flat small and medium brushes work well for this project.





Color in buildings with colored pencils, crayons or Crayola’s Color Sticks (these are colored pencils that do not need to be sharpened)



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