Art History: Egyptian Mummy Cases

Egyptian Mummy Cases is the second in our Art Exploration through Time Series. Have you ever seen all the patterns and details on a Mummy Case? What are some of the unique items Ancient Egypt is known for? Come and explore Ancient Egypt and create a beautiful mummy case in the process of learning. 

This lesson is perfect for reinforcing symmetrical designs and patterns. Simple art materials are used for this project, including colored pencils and black Sharpie markers. This project will build creative confidence and work on some basic drawing skills in your inspiring artists.

This lesson is great for ages 7-12 but any age student with a little guidance will love creating these Egyptian Mummy Cases. 

What’s Inside

This 24 page pdf package includes:

Step by step full-color photo tutorial including student artwork samples

Background information about Egyptian mummy cases

Supply list for project

Vocab cards

Egyptian Art Timeline

Egyptian Patterns Handout

Egyptian Art Guide Handout


Colored Pencils


Keep on creating!

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