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Matisse: Window on the Clouds

Who doesn’t love clouds?  
I love looking at the various shapes and formations that clouds create as they float in the sky! 
If you love creating art and want to connect science learning standards this project is a must for your art lesson library. 
Science and Art:
Matisse  Window on Clouds.
This Science based art lesson ties in the beauty and 
variety of cloud formations along with art history 
based on Matisse’s window paintings from his studio. 
Also included is 
an extension project that creates beautiful clouds that 
are sure to delight your students. These projects 
cover grades K-4, but truly anyone will love creating 
these masterpieces.

Included in these digital lesson plans:
Clouds preview

Step by Step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson
Art historical information of Matisse paintings
Timeline of Matisse
Science learning outcomes
“I can” statements
Learning Objectives
Vocabulary Word Wall
Supplies needed for each project
Reproducible Cloud types Handout
Reproducible Cloud Formation Handout
Student gallery
National Core Art Standards checklist


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    Story Twentyfour
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    Good art lesson for kids

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