Habitats: Life in the Desert – Grand Canyon National Park

Tired of teaching the same projects? How about connecting some fun Art lessons and Science together while bringing the National Parks to your classroom? The first in a series, is a perfect start. The Grand Canyon is a popular destination for travelers. Why not make it a top destination for your students while they learn about the desert habitat? 
Habitats: Life in the Desert
Grand Canyon National Park 
Grand Canyon cover

Project One creates a beautiful layered landscape 

 with paints and painted paper details

Project Two creates large cactus plants common to 
 the desert
Project Three creates a painted snake with fun 
Project Four creates a painted paper scorpion
These Science inspired art lessons are easy to follow while being successful and fun for students. They are geared for grades 1-4, but truly anyone will love creating these projects.
Grand Canyon preview

Included in this 16 page digital lesson plan:

Step by Step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson
Background information of each project
Learning Objectives
Vocabulary Word Wall
Supplies needed for each project
Reproducible Geology of the Grand Canyon Handout
Reproducible Snake Handout
Student galleries
National Core Art Standards checklist

Each project requires 1-2, 40-minute art sessions depending on grade level.

Thanks for stopping by and for letting Painted Paper Art

 be your top destination for art lessons.

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Keep on Creating!
Laura 🙂

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    Eight for Each State - Arizona
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    […] Painted Paper Grand Canyon Art – These art projects look lovely. They would be perfect for adding a bit of color to your US Geography study. […]

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