The Pumpkin Patch

October 10, 2018 By

Creating the Pumpkin With a pencil or sharpie, make two dots. One on the top and one on the bottom, close to the edge of the paper. Next create…

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Mexican Aztec Suns

September 3, 2018 By

Ancient people, like the Aztecs, knew the importance of the sun in their lives but did not understand what it was. The ancient Aztec religion was highly focused on…

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Cave Art Paintings

September 1, 2018 By

Students love creating cave art paintings! Lots of art materials are used for this layered project. I like to have my students create these projects at the beginning of…

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Weaving on Straws

June 12, 2018 By

I have been doing this project for years with my students, and every year my students say how much they love this project. The simple set up and bright…

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Bird Nests

March 30, 2018 By

Spring is one of my favorite seasons to celebrate. What is not to love? I find the beautiful flowers starting to bloom and green grass exploding with color, gives…

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