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Art Scouts Camp 2017

Art Scouts Camp 2017 was a huge success, held at the beautiful Montgomery Bell Park, right outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I just finished unpacking my suitcases after a wonderful week of professional development with over 135 awesome Art Scouts. We had such an amazing time creating, chatting, bonding with new friends, reconnecting with pals and of course getting messy with fabulous art supplies. This camp is for adults who LOVE to create with kids but I actually felt like a kid again at summer camp!  Troop leaders, Cassie Stephens,  Jennifer Alvarado, Ginger Pacer and myself were so excited to get started, of course after having some morning coffee!


Our scouts were eager to get started!  David,  Scout Master Extraordinaire, greeted everyone with a welcoming smile while assigning scouts their troop number. We absolutely love David!

Roll call was started promptly at 9:00 as we had SO many projects and new ideas to share. Look at all these Art Scouts ready to create with their  School Arts bag! 

Scouts also found some fabulous swag from Faber- Castell Premium Children’s Art Products at their tables, nestled among the twigs.  Thanks Faber-Castell for being a Premium Sponsor for Art Scouts.

I mean really, when an Art Scout is creating among the beautiful outdoors your art materials have to match right?  Ladybug erasers/ pencil sharpeners are where it’s at! Love, Love, Love!


Troop Leader, Cassie Stephens, was all about showing the Scouts how to create with  various types of clay. Hey, if you didn’t already know she just wrote a wonderful book about Clay!  She had the scouts creating adorable air-dry clay, plaster-wrap and Celluclay items. Thanks Activa Products and Nasco for being a premium sponsor for Art Scouts!


Next, Troop Leaders Jennifer Alvarado and myself created fun projects using basic art materials in new and exciting ways. Our first project was a Bird Nest with Eggs. How adorable are these mixed media nests! If you follow my Instagram account and this blog you know I LOVE Crayola’s Model Magic, just check out these projects- flower bouquets, and crazy hearts. I wanted our first project to bring in nature and it’s beauty, so a bird’s nest and eggs was a perfect start. Scouts starting painting right away with Royal and Langnickel Big Kid’s Choice Brushes

The eggs were created with Crayola’s Model Magic. Scouts love Model Magic! Thanks Crayola for being a Premium Sponsor for Art Scouts.

Another project we created was large flowers with Faber Castell’s oil pastels and baby and olive oil. Something so simple as painting with oil and blending oil pastels turned out so beautiful. The Scouts said how relaxing it was painting with oil and the result was so painterly. 

Troop Leader, Jennifer Alvarado, who loves big, bold color, taught us an AMAZING technique using Faber-Castell’s chalk pastels and Sta-flo liquid starch, inspired by the Florida Highway Men. Scouts were loving this project! There were many WOW’s with this project!



Many Art Scouts were excited to attend Troop leader, Ginger Pacer’s felting workshop. The scouts created 2 and 3 dimensional art. Our honorary Scout Leader, Sue Bunch from Back to Back Fibers keeps us all up to date with beautiful felting supplies, even band aids for our scouts! We love Sue!!!! Thanks Back to Back for being our Premium Sponsor for Art Scouts.


This year we did something new for Art Scouts. We wanted time to hangout and create with our scouts so we created Campfire Crafts. Scouts roamed about in the pavilion creating their arrows, documenting where they live by adding a dot of paint to a map. Love this fun map that documents where all our Scouts reside.

Free Style Mural Painting! Dick Blick Acrylic Paint and Pacon craft paper  makes for a fun, enjoyable art experience, while listening to a scout play her ukulele. This just warmed my heart! Music and art by the lake. Perfection. 

Scouts also created beautiful landscape postcards with modeling clay. Again something old is new again. Are these not fabulous?  We used Faber-Castell’s modeling clay sets.

The colors are so vivid just like the landscape of Tennessee! This was a favorite with our scouts! Plus a nice way to end our first day of Art Scouts Camp.


Ask yourself this,

how many professional development workshops do you attend that you are encourage to go and create next to a beautiful lake?

We had so much fun having the option of going outside, taking time to create in nature, recharging our batteries while gathering ideas and lessons for the next school year.

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Until Again, Art Scouts!

Keep your arrow moving forward and see the world!

Keep Creating, xox



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