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Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows


If you need a fun, successful project and want it to be done in 40 minutes, here is an adorable lesson inspired by 
Vincent VanGogh and his painting of 
Wheatfield with Crows.
Vincent Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with Crows introduces students to the colorful world of landscape painting. Children will learn about the artist Vincent Van Gogh, create a beautiful wheat field landscape along with mixed media crows inspired by his artwork.
VanGogh Wheatfield cover
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This 11 page digital lesson contains 2 colorful lessons that are designed so that every child will be a successful artist.
These lessons are great for ages 5-10 but any age student can create a beautiful painting with these directions. 
 Van Goghs Wheatfields preview
The Digital PDF includes:
Step by Step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson
Historical Background Information about Vincent Van Gogh
Full color images of his paintings
Van Gogh inspirational quotes
Van Gogh Time Line
Supplies needed for projects
Learning Objectives
Crow Poem
Student Gallery
Helpful tips
National Art Standards Checklist
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Painted Paper be your top destination for art lessons.
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