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Vibrant Mixed Media Landscapes and German Expressionism

Hey folks! Painting anything interesting lately? What? You are not sure what to create? Well, lets get started with a landscape that really brings in the awesome vibrant colors of the color wheel.

My 5th graders studied the fabulous German artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. What a fascinating yet frustrating life he and his friends had in Germany. They started Die Brucke, a group who were the founding fathers of the movement later known as German Expressionism.

While the artists of the group painted scenes of urban life, Schimidt -Rottluff is mainly known for his rural landscapes. His paintings became more angular, using geometric forms.

Students first drew out their landscape designs and then painted in the shapes. Lots of discussion about warm and cool colors and tints were also highlights of this project.



After the paintings were dry, students outlined their shapes and Wowza! Look at those vibrant colors!
Full lesson available at the 
German Expressionist Landscapes cover
German Expressionist Landscapes will introduce students to the colorful world of landscape painting. Children will learn about the artist Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and create a beautiful vibrant mixed media landscape with tempera paints and chalk pastels. Plus, gain an understanding of basic color concepts. Analogous, complementary, warm and cool colors are all addressed. This lesson is great for ages 9-12. 
Here is a preview of what is included in the lesson.
German Expressionist Landscapes preview
The 12 page digital pdf includes:
Step by step full-color photo tutorials for the lesson.
Historical background information about Karl Schmidt-Rottluff   
Full color images of his paintings
Learning objectives
Supplies needed for the project
Helpful tips
Reproducible handouts of landscapes
Student gallery
Now what are you waiting for? Go grab some paints and
 get started creating!
Laura 🙂


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