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Let’s give some love to Jim Dine!

Jim Dine is known for bold colorful paintings and fun designs. My students created 3 different art lessons which focused on hearts with bold patterns and delightful colors. 

One project that we created was a textured heart. 

First, students created a heart with pencil, then filled them in with oil pastels and overlapping lines. After the heart was filled in students added more lines and textures in the background. 


To add additional color, students chose one liquid watercolor to paint over the background textures.
Let dry.


This created an oil pastel resist. 
To complete the project students glued the paper onto bright construction paper and added a border of painted paper strips around the edge of the construction paper. Add some fun patterns with oil pastels for added interest.

Jim DIne

Here are two
additional heart mixed media art projects using tempera paint and oil pastels.

Jim Dine Hearts cover
Included in this PDF is historical information on Dine, easy to follow project steps, and bright visuals for inspiration. Also, you will find beautiful galleries containing examples of students’ artwork.
This 9 page-PDF features an easy to follow art lesson, complete with full color photos. These lessons are great for ages 7-11 but any age student can create beautiful art projects using these directions. These lessons are designed so that every child will be a successful artist.
Jim Dine Hearts preview

The Digital PDF includes:
Step by Step full-color photo tutorial for each lesson
Artist Background info on Jim Dine
Supplies needed for projects
Student Galleries
Helpful tips

Lessons available at the shop


Thanks for stopping by and for letting Painted Paper be your top destination for art lessons.  

Keep on creating!

Laura 🙂

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