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Blast off to Outer Space

Are you excited for Back to School? 

I know I am getting excited to head back to the classroom to create with all my little artists! 
There have been years that I just was not ready to head back. I was not sure what I was going to teach and the stress of coming up with new ideas put me in a downward spiral. 

My school does thematic units every year and here is one of my favorite themes-  SPACE
Here is another fabulous project created for our Space Unit. Directions Here
Retro Rockets1

Here is another fun, super large project
 for your kiddos! COSMIC CRUISERS

My art club, containing lots of happy 3rd graders, meets in the bright and early morning.  
Some of those kids need that nudge of a template to get their ideas rolling. Some just need the supplies and blast off, they are creating.
 I find it interesting that many of my boys are not afraid of taking risks. Whether creating shapes or expressing ideas they are happy with the “process” of creating. 
My girls are much more into the layout. They plan things out to the last step before even beginning. Then their art teacher has to explain to their homeroom teacher why they are tardy to class.
For materials I put out all different scraps, foams, 
old paper borders, painted paper
and of course, our placemats that we use
 for cleaning brushes while painting.
Lastly, we outlined with black tempera paint. Pop!
I just love the wild colors and added streamers on these fun cruisers. 
Dig out some scraps and paper and start creating! 
Well, I am happy to say that I have finally put some of my favorite projects and 
thematic units in full color PDF’s. 
If you need some guidance getting started for your new school year head over to the shop and look around for some fun projects. 
Space preview
All of these lessons are kid approved and administration approved too. 🙂 

So hopefully if you are struggling on what to do the first few weeks of school, don’t worry
I have given you some fun successful projects!

Keep on Creating!

Laura 🙂

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