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Matisse, Tropical Fruit and Still life.


Ahhhh Summer!  Love the long days, the beautiful flowers and the yummy fresh produce available. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching but I always love to recharge my batteries right after the last week of school.  We loaded up the VW van and headed to Florida. Actually, the Everglades.

It was so fun exploring through the wetlands areas
of Everglades National Park. We walked passed many butterflies, alligators and turtles. We also headed to the beach and found tons of starfish and sand dollars, but one of my favorite spots was a fun roadside fruit market, with every type of fresh tropical fruit.


That got me thinking about Matisse and his love of the tropical area of the South of France.

Matisse loved creating beautiful still lifes containing flowers and bowls of fruit. Some of my last projects of the year that my students created were inspired by Matisse.

These art lessons are based on Matisse’s paintings from his
studio in France.

Matisse Still Life cover

I created 3 Mixed Media Projects for various grade levels.

The first project, Room with Patterns, was created by 2nd grade artists and was inspired by Matisse’s beautiful paintings of interior rooms with patterned walls, tables containing bowls of fruit and vases with flowers.

The second project, Plate with Fruit, was created by 1st graders and focuses on the beauty of fruit. Totally adorable and successful.

The last project, Still Life Vase with Flowers and Fruit, is a  pattern on pattern project. This project was created by 4th grade artists and is an explosion of color.

These projects cover grades K-4, but truly anyone will love creating these masterpieces.

Included in these digital lesson plans:
 Matisse Still Life preview
Step by step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson

Art historical information on Matisse paintings

Timeline of Matisse

Learning Objectives
Vocabulary Word Wall

Supplies needed for each project

Reproducible Shapes Handout

Reproducible Vase Shapes Handout

Fruit Shape Templates Handout

Student Galleries

National Core Art Standards checklist


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