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Matisse Boat’s of the Riviera and Fish

The sun has come out finally in Ohio! 
(insert cheers) 
and boating season on the Great Lakes 
has started as well!
Use your area resources for inspiration. I love to make the connection with other subjects and topics.
Why not try a quick and successful lesson inspired by the artist, Henri Matisse.
If your students love to paint, these delightful projects 
are perfect for your art lesson library.
I love using bold, bright colors of tempera paint 
splashed on paper with big brushstrokes. These 2 art
lessons, inspired by the artist, Henri Matisse are
simple, successful and fun.

Project One – creates Boats of the Riviera and is 
inspired by the painting Les Voiliers. 1906


Project Two – creates large painted paper cut fish 

which is displayed in an underwater habitat. Both lessons provide a collaboration between organic shapes, elements of art, composition and color along with art history.


Want more details? Full lessons are available
.Boats cover
Included in this 15-page digital lesson plan:
Step by Step full-color photo tutorials for each lesson
Art historical background about Matisse
Supplies needed for both projects
Fish Stencil
Helpful Hints
Student galleries
National Core Art Standards checklist
Available at the Teachers Pay Teachers
Keep on Creating 
and thanks for stopping by!
Laura 🙂


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