Geometric Boats at Sunrise

Who doesn’t love a Spring sunrise? My 2nd graders created analogous skies while painting rising suns on a horizon line. We used liquid watercolors because they have such a vivid hue. We looked at various shapes to create boats: crescent, rectangle, trapezoid, triangles. Once the paintings were dried we added the boats and used oil pastels for patterned waves.

Day 1
1. Students looked at the color wheel to understand analogous colors. (Red to Orange, Orange to Yellow)
2. After folding their papers horizontally “hot dog” they painted the sky with 2 analogous colors (next door neighbor colors)
3. Students then painted their seas- using analogous colors- Most students chose greens and blues but purple was available.
4. Lastly, the suns were painted with tempera paint- by this time the paper was dry enough to paint the sun.
5. Let Dry

Day 2
1. We reviewed all the geometric shapes
2. Students used various painted papers to create their boats. They needed 2-4 boats.
2. Once boats were ready, students glued them down and used oil pastels to create patterned waves.
The students absolutely loved this project! I was surprised how much they enjoyed creating their boats. One student said “hey, it is Math Art!

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    March 23, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    I just taught a similar lesson plan inspired by one at Deep Space Sparkle. We used oil pastel and baby oil (applied with qtips) instead of paint. Cool colors below horizon line and warm colors above. We used cut paper for the boats, but we used patterned origami paper. This was the second lesson I tied to 'Where the Wild Things Are' – I told the kids we were making Max's boat.

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